Network Monitoring Appliances and Solutions


Infrascape is a leading provider of network monitoring solutions. Based on the robust and scalable architecture of its flagship product, InfraCentral, Infrascape has launched one of the world's first network monitoring appliances. A plug and play device that auto-discovers and starts monitoring the network once connected.

InfraCentral appliances gives IT teams the power to monitor and analyze their network resources via a single solution, offering an economical and efficient alternative to the multiple disparate software based systems traditionally used to manage networks.

Infrascape is founded on expertise in the network and system management arena and is driven by innovation. Continuously upgrading and building on its extensive suite of products and solutions, Infrascape keeps ahead of next-generation network-based technologies as they evolve.

Infrascape's cost-effective integrated solutions deliver low TCO and rapid ROI, minimizing risk while providing high value. The cost to deploy InfraCentral, its flagship appliance based network monitoring solution, is a fraction of expensive software based solutions and yet delivers all the critical functionality customers need.

Infrascape has leveraged its expertise and technology leadership in network management to build a multi-vendor management system that has evolved into the suite of products. Infrascape's open architecture has enabled the company to construct the most comprehensive set of integrated solutions available. This tested platform has been validated in real world use by the industry's most influential technology companies, and is now available as the market's most versatile and powerful network monitoring appliance.

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