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The complexity of enterprise infrastructures is growing exponentially. Distributed, heterogeneous IT architectures are required to support the complex business models and processes typical of strategic business applications. The success or failure of your business depends on the performance of these systems.

InfraCentral™ - Enterprise is an enterprise-grade network monitoring solution that delivers the functionality that the IT operations teams need to effectively manage the health and performance of their entire infrastructure through a single, integrated package.

Built on a lightweight, highly scalable architecture, InfraCentral™ - Enterprise is quickly deployed and easily managed for quick time to value and lower cost of ownership. Simple and centralized control, enhanced visualization of information, ease of use and historical and real time reporting allow users to quickly access the information they need, in customizable formats, to rapidly identify, diagnose and resolve situations.

InfraCentral™ - Enterprise works based on Industry standard protocols including SNMP, ICMP, Syslog, SSH, and Telnet. It monitors end-to-end infrastructure including but not limited to Windows Servers, Unix/Linux Servers, Novell Servers, Routers, Switches, Printers, Rectifiers and any other SNMP enabled device.

InfraCentral™ Enterprise has a flexible alerting option, which notifies the detection of a problem to the system administrator in a pre-determined manner. Each monitored item utilizes a user-defined threshold to set the alerts, providing customizable solutions to the network's monitoring needs. The analysis and reporting engine forms the intelligence part of the system. It allows the users to accurately analyze and report on the infrastructure performance in real-time and over a period of time. The solution comes with more than hundred out-of-the-box reports. These reports can be scheduled and exported to various industry standard formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF.

The consulting services offered by Infrascape can be utilized to customize InfraCentral™ to meet even the most unique of the requirements.

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