Network Monitoring Appliances and Solutions


» Dashboards and Views
  1. Fully configurable dashboards and views
  2. Out of the box dashboards catering to different types of system users, providing a birdís eye view and detailed information based on user
  3. Live status of your infrastructure easily visualized through map views
  4. Overall system health and SLA status based on business services
  5. Recent Alarms and past history views
  6. Device view that presents all monitors active on that device in an easy to read manner
  7. All graphs used in the system are fully configurable
  8. Ability to create custom dashboard and views
» Performance and Availability Monitoring
  1. Monitor Interface availability, utilization and error statistics
  2. Monitor CPU, Memory and Hard disk utilization on servers
  3. Monitor CPU utilization on routers
  4. Monitor Environment information (Temperature, Fan Status etc) where available
  5. Monitor ICMP availability and response
  6. Monitor Service Status on Windows Server
  7. Monitor Process Status and resource utilization by the process on Unix servers
  8. Monitor HTTP application availability
  9. Monitor TCP Sessions on a device
» Fault Management
  1. Pre-Defined rules for all out of the box monitors
  2. Rules based alarms generation providing complete control
  3. Ability to define multiple thresholds for all monitored parameters
  4. Define Alarm generation rules for similar device types
  5. Acknowledge and track actions taken for all alarms
  6. Notifications can be sent to specific users based on role,device groups and or time of the day Configuration
» Configuration and Security
  1. Wizard based easy to use interfaces for manual setup of devices
  2. Device Groups for easier management and visualization
  3. Role based security governing every action
  4. Granular access control with flexibility to control access per device or per interface
» Comprehensive Reporting
  1. Wide range of Summary, Detailed and Trend reports out of the box
  2. Export Reports to PDF
  3. Generate reports based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and custom period basis
  4. Generate Summary reports for a device or device group
  5. SLA Management Reports for configured parameters
» Maps
  1. Web based easy to use Map Creator with the ease of drag and drop
  2. Color coded device and link status depicted on all maps
  3. Link Utilization display on the map
  4. Use pre-loaded images for devices or load your own
  5. Depict device groups on the map and embed device groups up to any level
  6. Ability to drill down to any level from the map
  7. Denote different types of links using different line thickness
Appliance Models
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