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Service providers today are facing an overwhelming number of business challenges, forcing a fundamental transformation of the industry. Voice, video, and data are converging - with Internet Protocol (IP) as the medium of that convergence. Infrascape is uniquely positioned to be the partner of choice because of its ability to provide infrastructure intelligence solutions across disparate technologies and platforms.

Service Providers rely on Infrascape's InfraCentral™ to ensure their most critical services are performing to the highest standards.

InfraCentral™ for Service Providers offers the leading Infrastructure Intelligence Solution for the monitoring of critical services, and network-based systems. InfraCentral™ helps internet service providers, telecommunication service providers, and managed service providers to meet today's challenges and deliver a solution to address future requirements.

Highly scalable and rapidly deployable, InfraCentral™ delivers end-to-end monitoring, alert notification, and reporting to help service providers operate more effectively.

Improve Flexibility and Adaptability - Accelerate time to market for new services, and quickly adapt to meet future market requirements backed by third party integrations to elements, trouble ticketing systems, inventory and performance to achieve operational workflow Reduce Operating Expenditures - Improve network efficiency by simplifying monitoring of large networks, identifying problems at early stages and enabling staff to focus on higher level activities.

Increase Customer Satisfaction - Reduce customer churn and improve the reliability of critical services while improving the quality of service across the network.

Designed for the extreme requirements of carrier deployments, InfraCentral™ provides "carrier-grade" performance management. It provides end-to-end monitoring that gives providers a comprehensive, transparent view of infrastructure and next-generation services.


Internet Service Providers
The InfraCentral™ portfolio for ISPs helps ensure customer satisfaction by providing tools to manage and maximize network uptime and reliability.

Managed Service Providers
The InfraCentral™ portfolio enables managed service providers and their customers meet emerging market requirements and opportunities.

Telecom Service Providers
Helps improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, and effective infrastructure management.

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Service Provider Solutions
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