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Our Core strength

We are the Experts in Network Management & Security Analytics

Infrascape is a leading provider of Infrastructure Intelligence and Security Analytics solutions. It has an extensive experience of nearly two decades in the Network & Security fields.

Infrastructure Intelligence

Infrascape’s flagship solution INFRACENTRAL is a comprehensive infrastructure intelligence solution that provides complete visibility into the network and IT infrastructure. It not only provides the availability of the devices and machines but also gives in-depth utilization reports.

Log Management + Security Analytics

LOGCENTRAL and SIEMCENTRAL are two solutions from Infrascape that focus on providing compliance and security analytics respectively. These solutions enhance the security posture of your organization by proactively offering threat intelligence.

Security-fixes in minutes, not days or weeks

Infrascape’s Security Automation services enable you to instantly remediate critical vulnerabilities, and systematically address compliance violations through an integrated and automated approach across your environment.


Infrastructure Intelligence

Not just manage your infrastructure but get insight through our infrastructure intelligence solution.

Log Management

Simple and comprehensive log management solution that seamlessly works with any source.

Security Analytics

A single solution for all security and compliance monitoring, data analysis and reporting
Human + Artifical Intelligence Monitoring

Advanced Defense Arsenal

Network management
Log Compliance
Security analytics
Threat Detection
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