The Promise of Zero-Touch Security

With the advent of technology and the Internet, more and more organizations are going online today. It brings with it convenience and ease of doing business, but it does have its demerits as well. Cyber security becomes a significant concern. As a solution to the severe issue, security automation is one excellent way to get […]

Security Operations Center – The Need of the Hour to Tackle Cybercrime

Security Operations Centers are critical to any organization because they take care of the growing online threats. Let us examine the need for having a SOC and the challenges it faces. This article also looks at the benefits of SOC as a Service and its future trends. With more enterprisesgoing online, there is an increased […]

Augmenting Security Operations With Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises establish stringent security operations to respond to rising cases of cyber-attacks. Security threats, risks, and attackers are, however, increasing their damage potentials and in sophistication. As such, it is essential to enhance incident detection capabilities and response measures. Traditional operations inhibit organizations from achieving this due to factors like skill shortages and inadequate personnel, […]

Maximizing Return On Existing Investment Through Automation

Technology has been transforming the world for decades. Everything from the way we communicate, work and travel to how we connect with our environments has been changed by the introduction of technological networks. On one side, this has made our lives better and more convenient, while on the other it has also allowed a far […]

What is SecOps and how it helps in enhancing organizational security?

At present, so many businesses have deployed the use of SecOps to incorporate security into their organizational processes. SecOps is very important to the sustainability of business operations as connected devices continue to penetrate the market.  What is SecOps? Also known as Security Operations, SecOps involves the collaboration of security and IT operation teams; it […]

Benefits of Security Automation and Orchestration

In today’s high-risk cyber environment, it is extremely vital to respond to security incidents in real-time. Security orchestration and security automation are often used interchangeably within an IT ecosystem, despite serving different purposes to achieve this. Security automation vs. security orchestration Security automation is the process of setting up a security task or operation to […]

Importance of Automation & Orchestration in Security Operations

While the information security sector is rapidly progressing, it still proves to be a constant challenge for companies and governments all over the world. Organizations from all sectors invest heavily on information security to make sure its data and information is safe from both the inside as well as the outside threats.